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The most diverse instrument that exists is available to every person in the world. Our voice is the only instrument that we did not have to invent. Even though it was given to us naturally, one’s voice has a range and potential that no other instrument can match. What stops many people from taking advantage of this magnificent instrument is the fact that people believe good singers are born, not made. While some may be born with a knack for singing, I can teach you to use your voice to its fullest potential!

The voice can be taught to be manipulated just like any other instrument in the world. It takes practice and knowledge to be able to create the beautiful music you hear a chorus make. But for this to occur, a person has to be able to practice their singing without feeling embarrassed. That is why any singing lesson you have with me will be individual, so there is no one else to hear you. I guarantee you, though, that my vocal training will soon have you belting out notes in front of public audiences in no time.

I will teach you warm up techniques so that you can stretch your vocal chords. This helps to prevent any damage from occurring and also helps to increase the quality and range of your voice. Depending on how experienced you already are with music, you will learn to identify certain notes, and practice manipulating your voice to hit those notes. As a vocal coach I will identify areas that you are struggling in and give you advice as to how to improve. I will also point out your strong areas and note improvements as they occur. If you are searching for a voice teacher, rely on my affordable services for the best vocal lessons in Houston, TX.

Allow me to help you unleash your talent by registering for my class at the Williams School of Music & Fine Arts.

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