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I have had a love for music since my earliest years, and the piano has always been my instrument of choice. My passion for music translated into a career, and I began to professionally play the piano. I would also sing and dance, two skills that I had picked up as my love for all things music grew. Now, I share the skills that I have developed over the years with the people of Houston, TX so that everyone can the kind of joy out of them that I did!

My strictest belief is that in order to truly love music, you have to understand how it works beyond the keys that you play. Having a grasp of music theory is a necessary component in becoming a true master of any musical instrument. It allows a person to compose complex songs that involve multiple instruments. When you learn to play an instrument with me, you will gain a hold of the basics of music theory so that you can continue to expand as a musician, even after our lessons.

Students of any skill level or experience are welcome to my programs. I particularly encourage those that are shy to sign up for my private lessons. I can get you to play the music you love comfortably in front of others. Get in touch with me now at the Williams School of Music & Fine Arts to start on your own journey.

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